Candy treats for 5 famous moms

Mother’s Day is upon us and there’s no better gift than a sweet treat from Woody Candy Company. Check out these five famous moms and the candy we think is their perfect fit. Then, come see us for a gift basket or candy box for your mom.

Lorelai Gilmore

Lauren Graham played the fast-talking, coffee-loving Lorelai Gilmore for seven seasons, landing on more than one list of great TV moms. It’s easy to see that Lorelai’s go-to treat would be our chocolate-covered espresso beans. What else would do for a mom whose life revolves around her daughter, and coffee?

June Cleaver

Mrs. Cleaver, played expertly by Barbara Billingsley, is the ultimate TV mom – every episode was classic Americana, and Mrs. Cleaver was ready with a kind word, and warm cookies. This timeless classic deserves another – a fresh Chewy Caramel Praline from our Oklahoma City store. The traditional blend of creamy caramel and crunchy walnuts and pecans would surely delight Mrs. Cleaver.

 Clair Huxtable

Phylicia Rashad’s Clair Huxtable was the perfect blend of warm and no-nonsense, the ideal foil for her husband Cliff. She was tough, but sweet, and more than a bit silly when she wanted to be. What do you give a woman with so many sides? Toffee. Our English butter toffee has a smooth sweetness married to a salty, buttery core. It’s the perfect candy treat for the tough-as-nails but big-hearted Clair.

Carol Brady

Here’s the story, of a lovely lady… and the candy she deserves this Mother’s Day. Florence Henderson made America fall in love with this mom of three girls who married a man and gained three stepsons. Her kindness and humor won over legions of fans in the shows five seasons. What would we give Carol for Mother’s Day? We’d go for classic Turtles for this hard working stay-at-home mom. Rich with caramel and chocolate over extra-large pecan pieces, Carol definitely deserves this sweet treat.

 Sophia Petrillo

Last but not least, Estelle Getty’s Sophia Petrillo rounds out our list. It’s one thing to celebrate Mom in your youth, but The Golden Girls reminded us we should celebrate her for years to come. A sassy, sharp, wise-cracking woman, Sophia serves not only as Dorothy’s mother, but as a surrogate to Blanche and Rose. We’d like to suggest Toffle® for this one-of-a-kind woman – only a one-of-a-kind candy would do.

Year in and year out, Mom picks the very best gifts for us. It’s time we all returned the favor. Stop in today for a treat for this special woman.