Specialty Candies

Woody Candy Company makes some of the most delicious and unique candies around. Try some of our specialty candies today, and you may just find a new favorite.

Aunt Bill’s Brown Candy

Unless you are from Oklahoma, you probably haven’t heard of Aunt Bill’s Brown Candy – but you have missed out. This delicious candy with a funny name is a Southern tradition. Those of you for whom Aunt Bill’s Brown Candy was a holiday staple are probably salivating at the thought of it.  We are now making Aunt Bill’s year round, weather permitting.  NOW AVAILABLE YEAR ROUND!!!!!

Lemon Ice and Peppermint Ice

Our Lemon Ice is a delectable chocolatey white base combined with our private recipe of flavors has been among “the best thing I’ve ever tasted” according to some of our customers.

To give a refreshing peppermint flavor to our Peppermint Ice, we doctor the finest chocolatey white base with just the right amount of select ingredients before showering it all with peppermint candy pieces

Try one or all today!