Holiday Gifts

two gold candy boxes filled with toffee and nut clusters - woody candy company

For 90 years, Woody candies have been part of an Oklahoma holiday season – like Santa and his reindeer.

Woody Candy Company has a special gift for any holiday celebration.

Share a box of English Toffee with your honey on Valentine’s Day, say thanks for all you do on Mother’s Day with our tasty pralines, check out our bunny-approved Easter treats, and of course enhance every winter celebration with our delicious Peanut Brittle, Pecan Toffle TM or Cashew Crunch, chocolate pecan Turtles, Aunt Bill’s Brown Candy and more.

We help you find just the right treat to sweeten your holiday celebration. Call us at 405-842-8903, visit us at our candy shop at 922 NW 70th Street in Oklahoma City, or buy your favorite candy gifts online