Our nut cluster candies are a particular favorite with many of our Oklahoma City customers. There is just something about the rich, decadent nut candies that make people come back for more. Yum!

We’re afraid your choice won’t be easy. Choose our plantation clusters – rich butter and our 5-Star Cream Caramel, over fresh roasted peanuts, covered with peanut butter-flavored coating.

Or perhaps you will like our chocolate peanut clusters – roasted peanuts and a very special chocolate coating, hand-dipped in our kitchen make this wonderful candy a very special Woody Candy favorite.

Nobody said the choice would be easy.

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  • Sea Salt Almond Clusters

    Available in 1 pound. Whole California almonds held together by a delicious dark chocolate coating then sprinkled with sea salt to give the perfect combination of salty and sweet
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  • Peanut Clusters

    Available in 1 pound. Our peanuts are roasted in-house to give the best flavor possible when combined with a delicious chocolate coating.  This is yet another fan favorite that is hand dipped in our kitchen.
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