If you are a Turtles kind of person, you can’t beat Woody’s take on this classic. Pecans, rich caramel and chocolate – what more could one ask for? Turtles have been an American favorite since the 1920s, right around the time when Woody Sr. started making candy. They got their memorable name when a salesman came into the dipping room of a candy maker – he showed a candy to one of the dippers, who pointed out that the candy looked like a little, chocolaty turtle. The name stuck. Try Woody’s Turtles today.

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  • Turtles


    1 box holds approximately 12 (or as many as we can fit!) Our signature caramel is deposited onto extra-large, fancy pecan pieces. Together they take a dip into a chocolaty bath before getting a little extra drizzled on top.
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