Aunt Bill’s Brown Candy in the news

For years, Aunt Bill’s Brown Candy has been a holiday staple — here in Oklahoma City, the newspaper has run a recipe for their version of the candy every Christmas since the late 1920s.

We’ve always been proud of our Aunt Bill’s. It’s fudgey and sweet, with just the right amount of crunch from the delicious pecan meats. And we’re even prouder that their sweet perfection has gained some attention far from our home state. Every Day with Rachel Ray has named our Aunt Bill’s Brown Candy the best mail-order food available in the state of Oklahoma.

Aunt Bill’s tastiness is well worth the effort it takes to make — the sugar has to be cooked just so, and then there’s all that stirring. If you’re craving some Aunt Bill’s, though, we have an easy answer: order your own, or come by the store and pick up a freshly made batch.