Aunt Bill’s Brown Candy

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Unless you are from Oklahoma, you probably haven’t heard of Aunt Bill’s Brown Candy, and you have been missing out! This delicious candy with a funny name is a Southern tradition. Those of you for whom Aunt Bill’s was a holiday staple are probably salivating at the thought of it. We make ours with sugar, cream, butter and pecans. Try some today!


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22 reviews for Aunt Bill’s Brown Candy

  1. Cathy Fuhr

    This is the very best. Just like the old fashion recipes. Passed my dear Mother in laws expectation. She and her Mother made it ever Christmas until Grandma passed away in the 70’s. this is the Christmas food item my Mother in law missed and has all these years until I bought her this delicacy today from Woodys Candy Store. Made her holiday. Thank you very much for putting out such a fabulous candy. Cathy

  2. Judith Bates

    Pure heaven. I got my 81 year old mother a box last year as one of her 12 Days of Christmas gifts. She loved it. She can’t make it herself anymore.

  3. DIANN CASSIDY (verified owner)

    Hadn’t thought about it in years. Made it once many years ago — too much trouble. Then, last holiday season I googled Aunt Bill’s Brown Candy and Woody’s right here in OKC came up. I will once again this year treat myself and friends to this wonderful treat!

  4. Eileen (verified owner)

    My Grandmother made this for Christmas for years and then passed down the recipe to her granddaughters. Wow. It is time consuming and hard work to beat it after it starts to harden. So happy to find a place that makes it and that we no longer have to !! Love Aunt Bills.

  5. Cindy

    I remember as a kid making this candy with my dad. Today, I make it with my five-year-old granddaughter. This is been a family favorite for generations. My grandmother was Not in any shape to make this when I was growing up growing up, But is candy does span five generations of Katie making

  6. Thomas Ray

    Aunt Bill was my great grandmother Nealie “Bill” Kelly Miller of Sweetwater Ok.

  7. Rick

    I remember when my mother shipped “Aunt Bill’s” to me while I was overseas in the Marine Corps . If you are more than 10,000 miles from home there is nothing is better than “Aunt Bill’s”

  8. Bette Jo ciontea

    I want to buy some aunt bills candy for a dyeing man. I am from Oklahoma and we had a taste of candy. Can I buy some from you.5 stars

  9. Carolyn Rebek (verified owner)

    Aunt Bill’s fudge is fabulous. My sister moved from Oklahoma City and we were no longer able to buy this product. We adore it. It made our Christmas 2018 to have Aunt Bill’s candy in our Topeka Kansas holiday home! Thank you so very much for making it available.

  10. ekrider

    Wonderful. Just like mom used to make

  11. Santa


  12. Tammy

    When Will I Be Able to Buy Some??? This is My Absolute Favorite Candy in the Whole Wide World❤️

  13. J. Ingraham

    Aunt Bill’s candy is utterly delicious. It reminds me of being a little girl and paying visits to my grandmother’s friends who always had delicious treats. The candy is luscious, rich and smooth with fresh pecans. It’s hard to resist. Addiction is such a strong word but may be applicable here.

  14. Mark O Knox

    I’m from Oklahoma a use to make aunt bills but don’t anymore. Will you let me know when you will have it back in stock. Great candy

  15. Julie

    Been trying to order this candy to be shipped to Florida… it’s never in stock!!! When will it be back? It asked me for a rating… but I don’t know since I can’t try it

  16. Bill Spires

    We love Woodys! The best homemade candy ever! I missed out on Aunt Bills this year but I will order early next year.

  17. Bill Spires

    The turtles are really good! We get this candy every year as a gift!

  18. Tammy Mooney

    I would love to buy Aunt Bills Brown Candy…How do I buy this please

  19. Janice A Chenault

    Never had this candy. Want to try

  20. Maggy Floeter (verified owner)

    Aunt Bills is the best candy EVER. I bought three pounds as gifts and already they’re asking for more. Hope it’s in stock again soon!

  21. AntonioAstek

    Various food editors at The Oklahoman have followed Aunt Susan’s lead ever since. We now republish the original recipe for Aunt Bill’s Brown Candy as written by Aunt Susan in 1928 and the microwave version from Melba Lovelace. The recipe is ideal for teamwork, so recruit some family and have a Merry Christmas with this Oklahoma tradition.

  22. Brenda pulis

    When will you ever have your aunt bills been trying for 2 years have called many times can you notify when it’s availability

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