English Butter Toffee

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1 pound

Becoming one of our most sought after confections. A slate of crisp, crunchy center is filled with almonds then drenched in chocolate and sprinkled with roasted almonds.

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Weight 1 lbs

9 reviews for English Butter Toffee

  1. Todd M. Baker

    This stuff is like confectionery crack. Unbelievably good stuff.

  2. Jackie

    This is the Rolls-Royce of English toffees. Each year we receive a box of this delicacy, and I hide it in shameless selfishness.

  3. Diana Corrigan

    This toffee is so good it is addictive. We enjoy getting it every year.

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  5. Michael Fitzgerald

    Would like to order this but you are never in stock. Can you help?

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